Posts for May, 2013:

Ensuring your hardware is ready for vSMP Foundation installation

By Erez Valen – Director of Technical Services and Support The right hardware configuration is a key factor in a successful deployment of vSMP Foundation. I would like to describe... Read More »

Sizing a system for Memory Requirements

By Michael Schulman – Director of Marketing I’ve been thinking recently on how to size a system for a specific workload. I thought about how to obtain a system with... Read More »

Considerations for choice of building blocks for your SMP

By Benzi Galili – COO, EVP Channel Sales If you’ve had any experience in designing solutions for IT deployment (and even more so, specifically with HPC solutions), you’d know that... Read More »

Lots of good stuff is just around the corner… Try us !

By Shai Fultheim – Founder, President and CEO At ScaleMP, we believe that large memory and high core count shared-memory systems should be available to a wider range of users... Read More »