Ensuring your hardware is ready for vSMP Foundation installation

By Erez Valen – Director of Technical Services and Support

The right hardware configuration is a key factor in a successful deployment of vSMP Foundation. I would like to describe the methods for ensuring that your hardware is configured optimally to run vSMP Foundation.

  • The simplest option is to use our supported devices list. vSMP Foundation supports many common hardware platforms from various leading vendors. This list of supported platform is published at http://www.scalemp.com/spec and includes the ability to search the hardware compatibility list or to ask us questions by emailing to regarding hardware compatibility.
  • If you cannot find your hardware model or still not sure, you can share your hardware configuration with us using our getinfo tool. This tool can be downloaded freely from www.scalemp.com/downloads/getinfo/getinfo.sh. Once downloaded, run it by executing getinfo.sh or getinfo.sh -s (for silent operation). The tool will collect the required hardware details of your system (using standard Linux tools such as dmidecode and lspci) as well as OS configuration, and will pack the results in a compressed tgz. Once the getinfo tool execution is completed, please share the resulted tgz file with us by emailing it to:
    • Existing customers with a serial number: alongside with the serial number (as you received from ScaleMP) and with the subject “is this hardware certified?” . You will receive an automated reply message informing you that a support ticket was added to our system.
    • Not yet a customer? email to: with the subject “vSMP Foundation Hardware Certification List”.

    Please allow several days for us to analyze the data and update you with our findings.

The ScaleMP technical support team is available to assist you throughout the entire lifecycle of your system, you are invited to contact us for question regarding your new or existing vSMP Foundation system. We will be happy to share our accumulated knowledge with you in order to assist you to plan the optimal vSMP Foundation deployment for your organization needs.

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