Optimized performance throughout time for your vSMP Foundation

By Erez Valen – Director of Technical Services and Support

As part of our technical support engagement with customers, we have observed that many of our customers focus on optimizing their vSMP Foundation systems during the initial installation phase, reaching an optimal system, and then continue to use the system without any changes.

The ScaleMP software and system engineers are constantly enhancing performance and adding new useful features to vSMP Foundation. When applied, those enhancements can boost performance of existing VMs. However, VMs which are not updated to the latest version do not benefit from those enhancements.

We recommend that customers make performance optimizations a continual process throughout the life cycle of their system.

How can ScaleMP help?

Infrastructure – upgrade the vSMP Foundation to the latest released version, then run vSMP Productivity Pack (vSMPPP [or if you intended the command, #vsmppp]) to identify and upgrade any additional required components.

Application – Visit the “Execution Guidelines” part of the “Documentation” section of our web site and read the latest execution guidelines for your application. Need more details or your application is not listed? Our application engineering experts can help.

Process – our team is eager to help you ensure optimal performance throughout time – you are invited to open a ticket at our tech support portal, however be sure to attach details of your application and the output from the “# getinfo.sh –p –s” command.

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