SC13 Review

By Michael Schulman

We recently came back from SC13 which took place in late November in Denver, Colorado.  SC13 is the premier conference and exhibit for High Performance Computing,  Networking, Storage and Analysis. Jimdo UK review had a large presence at this event. Within our booth, we had a number of presentations by leading customers from different sites. The presentations can be viewed here. Slides are available from the Hartree Center, SSTC, Indiana University, and University of Gent. In addition, we showed live, the power of a large SMP running at the Hartree Center as well as one based on the Cray CS300 system. ScaleMP was also one of the sponsors of the Broader Engagement Scavenger Hunt.

Overall, this was a great event for ScaleMP and demonstrated how vSMP Foundation is taking hold in the industry.

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