ScaleMP and IBM are partnering to deliver scalable appliances which deliver higher performance and lower TCO tailored to solve customer needs. Two appliances have been created with the following capabilities

  • Very Large Memory Appliance – An optimized appliance with the ability to address up to 7.5 TB of memory. This large-memory appliance series is capable of handling very large workloads that require significant amounts of data. The solution is based on IBM System x3750 M4 and helps speed time to solution for applications in areas such as analytics, in-memory databases and more.
  • Virtual Cluster Appliance – Eliminate day-to-day complex cluster management tasks for mid-range clusters with up to 224 cores and 1.75 TB RAM. The solution is based on IBM BladeCenter H with IBM HS23 blades and provides extremely powerful computing platform driven by a single OS instance, hence managed as a single server.

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