Shai Fultheim

Mr. Shai Fultheim has more than 20 years of experience in technology and business roles in IT and venture-backed firms. Before founding ScaleMP, Fultheim was CTO of BRM Capital, a first-tier Israeli venture-capital fund where he defined the fund’s technology roadmap, which formed the foundation of BRM’s investment strategy. Prior to BRM, Fultheim was co-founder, CTO and VP R&D at several technology startups. He also served in the Israeli Defense Force’s prestigious central intelligence unit where through management of a broad range of complex IT projects and teams in the areas of security, systems and network infrastructure he gained significant experience and knowledge in the domain of scalable computing and large-scale IT infrastructure. Fultheim has been an active member of several open source initiatives such as Apache, Jakarta Tomcat, Amanda and the Linux kernel and holds a B.Tech and BASc from the Jerusalem College of Technology. As founder and CEO of ScaleMP, Shai designed and architected the core technology behind ScaleMP, and is responsible for the company’s strategy and direction.