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Hi, Shai:
Just to let you know that my post was never meant to low ball ScaleMP in anyways. I do see value in greater than 8 socket market for ScaleMP, and I was just poking you to see if you are interested in extracting value for aggregating quad dual socket machines to 8 sockets as a community experiment.But I guess that was never your intended market anyways. The question is, why NOT? There is a market for SGI Altix(or NumaConnect on IBM X3755M3) that ScaleMP will never be able to touch: those hardware solutions can run any OS other than Linux. For a software solution provider for virtualization aggregation, the marginal cost for producing one unit is literally zero. I personally think it is a great idea to arbitrage Intel’s 8 socket premium relative to 2 socket pricing. And a thread/memory limited edition is great marketing to community.

BTW, according to the latest release notes, Xeon Phis require separate license. how is Xeon Phi licensed? Per PCI-e card as a socket or what? I think ScaleMP should be more transparent with Xeon Phi licensing as well as providing a 30-day Trial Version for potential customers to evaluate performance claims as well as sizing the physical hardware nodes. For example, I don’t know how many xeon Phis would be optimal for my workload (considering between 1-4 Xeon Phis hanging off of Dual E5-2600)

Oh, last thing to say: you do have a great product. Sometimes, a revenue maximization strategy might work counter-intuitively. Most large companies with a deep vision tend to be more gracious with their community relations than small startups, and they usually end up ahead in the long run by sacrificing a little short term gain. I am sure you can understand what I am trying to get at. With the original post, I was merely trying to point out to you that a 1TB memory expansion product is not the best way to showcase ScaleMP’s value and that it is in fact cross-machine-boundary CPU aggregation that matters. For that reason, I think your pricing on the main page: $10K/TB for memory expansion and $400/socket for CPU aggregation is totally missing the mark. Because why would you do $10K/TB for memory when you can do Dell C6220 with quad node 256GB and only need to license $400*8sockets=$3200? Because you are overestimating market value for memory expansion and underestimating CPU aggregation relatively.

Food for thought, really.

Thanks for reading.