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    Shai Fultheim

    Hello All,

    We just released vSMP Foundation The release notes are listed below. Check it at

    [FIX] HCLDevices: Critical issue with AHCI devices that could lead
    to system freeze (Issue: 5366).
    [FIX] Image Manager: Check destination path exists (Issue: 5464).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpctl fixed to support memory PINNING on systems
    with >512 CPUs. Now supporting 8192 CPUs.
    [FIX] vsmppp: Distinguish between different version of RHEL releases
    (6.0/6.1/6.2, etc).
    [FIX] Nested VM issue that can occur during nested VM migration.
    [CHG] HCLBoards: Expand board list which is using ACPI-only
    interrupt routing.
    [CHG] Image Manager: Expanded command line control with a mix of -k
    and -c (Issue: 5493).
    [CHG] UI and boot: Control scaling mode (system-expansion (SYX) or
    memory-expansion (MEX)) via System Settings (F5) (Issue:
    [CHG] UI and boot: Show ‘_’ instead of ‘-‘ when asking for serial
    number and CSum.
    [CHG] vSMP Foundation Device: Set default logs to none if no device.
    [CHG] Ignore broken BIOS MPTABLE info.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Improved performance for Emulex OneConnect 10GbE
    (BladeEngine 3) network adapters.

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