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    Shai Fultheim

    Hello All,

    We just released vSMP Foundation If you are using System Expansion this is a must have due to a delicate possible memory corruption in earlier releases. The release notes are listed below. Check it at

    [FIX] Delicate issue leading to a memory corruption that can lead to
    OS stalls.
    [FIX] License: Handle cases where license consumed multiple times if
    nodes were connected thru several topologies (Issue: 5543).
    [FIX] Unidentified characters are written to system console (Issue:
    [FIX] License: Handle Fault-Tolerant mode correctly (Issue: 5616).
    [FIX] License: Handle MEX memory boards correctly (Issue: 5597).
    [FIX] UI and boot: Fix matrix display (Issue: 5546).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Fix erroneously automatic page unpins that leads to
    significant performance drop for MPI applications (Issue:
    [FIX] Issue related to memory initialization for VMs with more than
    8TB RAM (Issue: 5581).
    [CHG] Automatic change of OS boot flag intel_iommu=on to
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Deadlock during extensive use.
    [FIX] Performance: Stability of Issue 5516 fix (Issue: 5527).
    [FIX] UI and boot: OS loading is stuck at early boot phase due to
    critical issue (Issue: 5532).
    [FIX] vSMP Foundation Device: Rare race preventing logs from being
    written (Issue: 5285).
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Broadcom NetXtreme II 5771x (10GigE) support for
    multi-function mode.

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