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    Shai Fultheim

    We just released vSMP Foundation – a significant update to vSMP Foundation 5.5 series. Check it at

    [FIX] Diagnostics: UI fix for FTP results export when no network
    connectivity (Issue: 4975).
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: Mellanox Connect-IB HCAs may lead to system
    crash during vSMP Foundation early boot phase (Issue: 5916).
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: Regression in redundant backplane support since
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Critical fix that increase robustness of AnyIO.
    [FIX] UI and boot: Memory corruption during Welcome Screen (Issue:
    [FIX] UI and boot: term_type configuration parameter added to
    configuration file unnecessarily (Issue: 5817).
    [FIX] UI and boot: vsmppp installation warning for first time SYX
    users should not be presented for MEX users (Issue: 6045).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpctl –pin and –unpin usage and help (Issue:
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat output file ownership (Issue: 5111).
    [FIX] Add RMRR segments to e820 map (if missing from e820).
    [FIX] Automatic addition of OS boot flag intel_iommu=off or
    modification of intel_iommu=on if exists on RHEL 6.5 (Issue:
    6005, 6006).
    [FIX] Freeze during early vSMP Foundation startup (Issue: 5713,
    5810, 5832, 5997).
    [FIX] Ignored “,” at the end of pci_dev_filterX.
    [FIX] PCI device representation with ‘*’.
    [FIX] Properly handle lowest-priority interrupt delivery mode.
    [CHG] HCLBackplane: Always use backplane-load-balancing if possible
    and allowed by license.
    [CHG] HCLBackplane: Remove Mellanox InfiniBand switch firmware
    update support.
    [CHG] HCLBackplane: Verbose link rate reporting and warnings during
    system boot.
    [CHG] HCLBoards: Increase number of supported IOAPICs per board to
    12 (IBM x3950 X6).
    [CHG] HCLDevices: AnyIO board level enablement (anyio_boards) will
    apply for all supported devices, if device level enablement
    (anyio_devX) is not being used.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Enable AnyIO for first board (anyio_boards=1) in
    memory-expansion (MEX) by default.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Increase number of Intel Storage Controller Unit
    (SCU) controllers to 2 (Issue: 5890).
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Increase number of serial ports to 3 by addition
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Increasing number of AnyIO devices per board to
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Proper PCI device reset for devices used by the
    Guest OS (Issue: 5886).
    [CHG] Image Manager: Do not accept images with embedded config,
    unless -f is used.
    [CHG] Image Manager: Introducing -d to dump configuration file used
    to create an existing image.
    [CHG] License: Improve license agent status reporting.
    [CHG] Performance: AMD Turbo-core and Intel Turbo Mode (collectively
    ‘Turbo’) is on by default.
    [CHG] Performance: Improved performance for boards with lower core
    count (20% increase on 16 cores boards).
    [CHG] Performance: Improved performance for boards with unused CPUs
    using Turbo.
    [CHG] Performance: Improved performance when AnyIO is actually being
    used on only one board.
    [CHG] Performance: Intel Turbo Mode is supported only Sandy-Bridge
    processors or later.
    [CHG] Performance: Tune memory-expansion (MEX) cache aggressiveness.
    [CHG] UI and boot: Correctly identify vSMP Foundation version in
    System Settings (F5) UI (Issue: 5639, 5719).
    [CHG] UI and boot: Various cleanups and more verbose reporting
    during boot.
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: Improved event classification and correctness of
    reporting (Issue: 5926 and non-reported).
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: Remove dependency on libnuma.
    [CHG] Expose only single Local APIC/x2APIC NMI entry in MADT.
    [CHG] FADT boot flag indicates no ASPM.
    [CHG] FADT century value is read from the hardware (was 0 before).
    [NEW] HCLBackplane: Introducing backplane-load-balancing uneven
    topologies. Board ordering follows system_boards
    configuration key (set by System Setting (F5) Lock operation).
    Alternative topologies will be supported even if unordered or
    partial compared to the primary topology. In case
    system_boards is undefined, the first topology will be defined
    as main topology, and all other alternative topologies must
    match the main topology board ordering, unless
    consistent_topologies=no is set in configuration file.
    Memory-only boards does not require specific board ordering,
    and can use all possible topologies.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO licensed devices without proper licenses
    are visible non-functional.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Enable InfiniBand support for guest. Enablement
    via System Settings (F5) and ‘backplane_devX’ configuration
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Support for RHEL6.5 driver for Broadcom NetXtreme
    II 577xx/578xx and fix of several issues.
    [NEW] License: Guest OS (dmesg and console) is notified on
    unlicensed system.
    [NEW] License: Introducing token-based licensing support, with full
    backward compatibility to class-based licenses. Token-based
    licensing requires new license agent.
    [NEW] License: vsmptools cannot be used on unlicensed system.
    [NEW] Performance: Expose MWAIT command, and improve Intel Turbo
    Mode performance with correct ACPI PSS values.
    [NEW] Performance: Improved cache management for guest 2MB pages.
    [NEW] Performance: Improved remote AnyIO performance with better
    heuristics for automatic NASRAM UNPINNING.
    [NEW] Performance: Nested VM performance improvement. Windows 7 KVM
    VMs measured to run 100x faster (Issue: 5950).
    [NEW] Performance: Prevent package access to C1E or deep sleep to
    maintain backplane performance.
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improved board local AnyIO
    [NEW] UI and boot: Improve backplane initialization time during
    system bring up.
    [NEW] UI and boot: Improve memory initialization time during system
    bring up for memory-expansion (MEX).
    [NEW] UI and boot: Reporting memory at 1GB granularity if total
    memory is more than 1TB (Issue: 5728).
    [NEW] UI and boot: Robust BIOS consistency checks for HT, Turbo, VT,
    and VT-d. Validate conformance with System Settings.
    [NEW] UI and boot: Support for ‘M’/’G’ to specify MB/GB in
    system_memory configuration key (Issue: 6010).
    [NEW] Board SMBIOS (DMI) partial information (type 0, 1 and 2 only)
    are reported by vSMP Foundation as handles 0x0TNN, where T is
    the type and NN is the board number counting from 1. Handle
    0x0T00 is used by vSMP Foundation to reports its information.
    [NEW] Support for Guest OS-guided interrupt routing. Introducing
    IRP (Interrupt routing programmable) can be disabled in System
    Settings (F5) or using “irp” configuration key.

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