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    Shai Fultheim

    Seems we skipped couple of updates. At any rate, it is a good opportunity to point out vSMP Foundation 6.0 has been relased few months back, and the latest release is available at

    Here are the releasse notes for all historical 6.0.135.x releases, including the latest from today. Enjoy!

    [FIX] HCLDevices: HPSA devices not accessible to the Guest OS
    (Issue: 6158).
    [FIX] Image Manager: Read only first 32MB (Issue: 6303).
    [FIX] Interrupts sent to offline CPUs are handled correctly (Issue:
    6297, 6300).
    [FIX] License: License files with more than one serial number and
    different expiry dates (Issue: 6298, 6315, 6317).
    [FIX] Performance: Fix regression of large SYX configurations.
    [FIX] vSMP Foundation Device: Correctly support large USB devices
    (Issue: 6305, 6321).
    [FIX] Rare race that can lead to memory corruption on systems with
    large core count (Issue: 6280).
    [FIX] Rare system crash when memory area used by AnyIO recycled for
    page tables (Issue: 6288).
    [FIX] System crash on boards with more than two processors under
    heavy memory pressure.
    [CHG] Enable internal log by default.
    [NEW] Report InfiniBand MTU to internal log.
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: System crash when using Intel True Scale HCAs
    (Issue: 6253).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Memory corruption due to non-snooping AnyIO
    devices (NVIDIA GPGPU).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Support for Intel C610 chipset.
    [FIX] UI and boot: Bad parsing of configuration file (Issue: 6264).
    [FIX] UI and boot: Detection of USB boot device (Issue: 6267).
    [FIX] Possible corruption for systems with total memory over 16TB.
    [FIX] Rare system crash when memory area used by AnyIO recycled for
    code pages, stack pages, or page tables (Issue: 6252, 6278).
    [CHG] HCLBackplane: Alert if faulty Mellanox FW HCA found.
    [CHG] UI and boot: Update copyright to 2015.
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: Correctly record profiling attributes of
    [NEW] Performance: Faster page-table updates.
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: System crash during bring-up of Direct-Connect
    setup (Issue: 5160).
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: System failure if more than four HCAs per
    board (Issue: 6122).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Incorrect DMAR PCI device path definition under
    some conditions leading to lack of interrupts of AnyIO
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Interrupt management on Intel Sandy-bridge and
    Ivy-bridge processors (Issue: 5253).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Spurious interrupt generated by AnyIO devices
    which do not have INTx.
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Critical issue relating to ‘backplane_devX’
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Critical issue relating to HPSA devices used with
    AnyIO (Issue: 6114).
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Keyboard support (startup to Guest OS boot) on
    AMD platforms (Issue: 6187).
    [FIX] HCLDevices: USB device will be unstable if interrupts is
    shared with AnyIO device (Issue: 6155, 6220, 6226).
    [FIX] Image Manager: Configuration dump (-d) creates temporary files
    fix robustness (Issue: 6073, 6076).
    [FIX] License: Correctly handle license files with more than one
    serial number (Issue: 6072).
    [FIX] License: Correctly handle processor tokens acquisition when
    not enough tokens (Issue: 6105).
    [FIX] License: Do not equire DNS if server IP address provided.
    [FIX] License: Improved CPU detection for Intel Xeon v2 and v3
    processors (Issue: 6108).
    [FIX] Partitioner: Handling of processor tokens required by AnyIO
    (Issue: 6159).
    [FIX] Partitioner: Handling of token-based licenses (Issue: 6080,
    6081, 6255).
    [FIX] Partitioner: System crash on merge (Issue: 6151).
    [FIX] UI and boot: Early stage system blank panic screen (Issue:
    [FIX] UI and boot: Fix BIOS consistency checks and reporting for HT,
    Turbo, VT, and VT-d (Issue: 5977, 6019, 6215).
    [FIX] UI and boot: vsmppp installation warning is not turned off by
    vsmpctl –cpu_boards (Issue: 6262).
    [FIX] UI and boot: vsmppp installation warning should not be
    presented for vSMP Foundation Fre (Issue: 6104).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Fix board-events profiling timestamps.
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Fix profiling of prefetched PIN events
    (PROF_IS_LBC_ON_PINNING) to include prefetch size.
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpctl –status shows values according to vSMP
    Foundation boot mode (network or device).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Improved vsmpctl help for –cpu-boards and
    [FIX] Correctly handle interrupts with destination shorthand (Issue:
    [FIX] MP-Table had Incorrect BUS ID for ISA bus.
    [FIX] Nested VM issue that can occur during nested VM migration
    (Issue: 6234).
    [FIX] PCI Interrupt Routing (PIR) Table had was not initializaed
    correctly. Affected Guest OS platform enumeration. PIR is
    not presented to Guest OS anymore.
    [FIX] Remove unused keys from configuration file (Issue: 6225).
    [FIX] System crash during startup (Issue: 5924, 6232).
    [FIX] System crash during system error flow (Issue: 6100).
    [FIX] System crash under load in memory-expansion (MEX) mode (Issue:
    [FIX] Unaligned reads or unexpected-size reads of PCI configuration
    address space returned incorrect values.
    [CHG] APIC: HyperThreads will be listed at the end of the
    APIC/X2APIC APCI MADT, resulting in OS enumerating them last
    instead of in siblings order. With this change, all logical
    CPUs of thread 0 will be reported first, and then ones of
    thread 1, rather than reporting them in sequential manner.
    [CHG] HCLBoards: Remove support for PIC-generated interrupts.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: AnyIO MSI-X interrupts limited for Mellanox
    devices set to 22 (was 16). With this change the OS will be
    able to configure 8 RX queues per 10GigE device.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Support for SLES12 driver for Emulex OneConnect
    10GbE (BladeEngine 3) network adapters (Issue: 6169).
    [CHG] License: Handle IP address in license_mgr key without DNS
    [CHG] License: Network license agent connection management
    [CHG] License: Network license agent diagnostics and warning
    [CHG] License: Network license agent exit status when running in
    native or if network license is not required.
    [CHG] License: Network license is not required for single board boot
    (Issue: 6129).
    [CHG] Performance: Enable AMD Turbo-core only for supported
    processors (not AMD Operon 61xx, 6204, 6308).
    [CHG] Performance: Further reduce number of TLB flushes using
    delayed flush operation.
    [CHG] Performance: Override turbo setting for non CPU boards.
    [CHG] UI and boot: Improved boot speed (Issue: 6026).
    [CHG] UI and boot: Overhaul of pre-boot environment for robustness
    (no functional changes).
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: List all board-events, even if leading to
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: Next boot cpu_boards and io_boards controls is
    allowed only if vSMP Foundation was loaded from vSMP
    Foundation device (Issue: 6188).
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: vsmpversion output removes first empty line.
    [CHG] Allow up to 256 PCI busses per board (was 64 before).
    Changing PCI bus ID enumeration method: every board will be
    associated with a separate domain.
    [CHG] Block changes to rmw mode in memory-expansion (MEX) mode
    (Issue: 6099).
    [CHG] Increased internal log buffer size – will result in slower log
    operation, but with more historical data.
    [CHG] Reduce vSMP Foundation and system cache memory footprint in
    memory-expansion (MEX) mode.
    [CHG] Skip board enumeration in case of consistent_topologies=no or
    if less than three boards (Issue: 6128).
    [NEW] HCLBackplane: Support for Mellanox Secure Host.
    [NEW] HCLBackplane: Introducing Star-Connect: connect multiple
    systems in memory-expansion (MEX) mode without InfiniBand
    switch, only to primary board. Link redundancy and
    backplane-load-balancing are supported as well.
    [NEW] HCLBoards: Hide Intel TCO (iTCO) devices (Issue: 4621, 4714).
    [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO auto-enablement for Adaptec Series 7 6G SAS
    [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO auto-enablement for QLogic Corp.
    ISP2532-based 8Gb Fibre Channel to PCI Express HBA.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO auto-enablement for supported dual-mode
    Mellanox HCAs, if set by firmware as 10GigE devices.
    [NEW] License: Support for Intel Xeon E5-26xx v3 processors.
    [NEW] Performance: Improved AnyIO interrupt management.
    [NEW] Performance: Interrupt Routing mode defaults to comply in
    memory-expansion (MEX) mode, if AnyIO is is use.
    [NEW] Performance: PCI bus proximity is provided on socket
    granularity, instead of board granularity. In combination
    with comply Interrupt Routing mode, it allows the OS to route
    the interrupts to the closest processor.
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improved AnyIO (local and remote)
    performance and stability (Issue: 6094, 6167).
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improved memory-expansion (MEX)
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improved performance of boards with
    high CPU count.
    [NEW] UI and boot: Display an error if configuration file includes
    both anyio_devX and anyio_boards.
    [NEW] vSMP CTL: Introducing vsmpversion –short.
    [NEW] Command emulation expanded to support additional SSE and AVX
    [NEW] Enhanced total system memory size to 2PB.
    [NEW] Expose CPUID Extended Topology Enumeration Leaf (0xb) in cases
    where all active processors are identical.
    [NEW] Serial logs will be dumped again if ‘D’ was sent to the serial
    [NEW] Tune Linux kernel command-line options based on system
    configuration. Each option will be skipped if found in the
    command-line. All options will be skipped if “vSF_add=no” is
    added to the command-line. Controlled command-line options
    are (in order of appearance):
    – intel_iommu – always set to ‘off’.
    – nmi_watchdog – always set to ‘0’.
    – nohz – always set to ‘off’.
    – highres – always set to ‘off’.
    – nortsched – set if more than one CPU board.
    – cgroup_disable – set to ‘memory’ if more than one CPU board.
    – clocksource – set to ‘tsc’ if more than one CPU board.
    – nvidia.NVreg_RegistryDwords=”ForceEnableHypervisor=1″ – set
    if NVIDIA GPGPU exists in the system.

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