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    Shai Fultheim

    Seems we skipped updates for 6.5.x. At any rate, is just released. Check latest release is available at, or go thru the below:

    [FIX] Fix emulation of various instructions and emulation of
    instructions that cross page boundary.
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: Secondary boards dropping during “Finding”
    phase (Issue: 6687).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Support for boards with X2APIC enabled (but less
    than 255 CPUs).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Support for cases where one board has much smaller
    memory than others.
    [FIX] Image Manager: -k after -c doesn’t work (Issue: 6670).
    [FIX] License: Issue related to handling large number of boards in
    same VM.
    [FIX] Nested VM issue with RHEL7.0 and later (Issue: 6332).
    [FIX] Partitioner: Error codes correction (Issue: 6657).
    [FIX] Partitioner: UI fix (Issue: 6534).
    [FIX] Race that led to system lockup on system-expansion (SYX).
    [FIX] Rare issue preventing reading persistent logs in runtime
    (Issue: 6607).
    [FIX] Rare race that may cause memory corruption (not seen by a
    [FIX] UI and boot: Boot device selection dialog may be misprinted
    (Issue: 6631).
    [FIX] UI and boot: Handling unavailable boot device (Issue: 6580).
    [FIX] UI and boot: Serval fixes to System Settings (F5).
    [CHG] Diablo MCS boot process robustness.
    [CHG] HCLBoards: Change memory layout to support boards with low
    memory footprint (<16GB/board) and support for mixing boards
    with low memory footprint and high memory footprint.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Support for RHEL6.5 driver for Emulex LightPulse
    Fibre-Channel HBAs (Issue: 6126).
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Support for RHEL7.0 and driver for
    Emulex OneConnect 10GbE (BladeEngine 3) (Issue: 6551, 6582,
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Updated supported device list. Supported devices
    are published at
    [CHG] HCLDevices: USB controller will automatically work in AnyIO
    mode if vSMP Foundation is not loaded from that controller.
    If vSMP Foundation is loaded from a USB device, the controller
    where the USB device is connected will be filtered (if that is
    the only use of this controller), or work in AnyIO mode with
    the device port filtered (if other devices on other controller
    ports), or alternatively work in legacy mode (if HUB is used
    for vSMP Foundation device and other devices).
    [CHG] License: Allow for longer grace until network license agent
    starts to accommodate boot of larger systems.
    [CHG] License: Diablo MCS devices serial-number handling.
    [CHG] Performance: Forget-rate calculation for several prefetch
    [CHG] Performance: Guest code patching (ultravirt): improve TLB
    flushing speed.
    [CHG] Performance: Improve context identification for several
    prefetch mechanisms.
    [CHG] Performance: More robust Guest code patching (ultravirt).
    Additionally - support Linux OS compiled with CONFIG_DEBUG_SG.
    [CHG] Properly report SMAP and SMEP support in CPUID.
    [CHG] UI and boot: More details about devices used in
    Flash-expansion (FLX) mode.
    [CHG] UI and boot: Update copyright to 2016.
    [CHG] vSMP CTL: vsmpversion --full[=0|1|2] for more details about
    devices used in Flash-expansion (FLX) mode.
    [NEW] Diagnostics: List of Flash-expansion (FLX) devices and
    [NEW] Diagnostics: Report Diablo MCS and NVMe devices in
    Flash-expansion (FLX) system diagnostics.
    [NEW] Flash: Flash-expansion (FLX) NVMe support. Contact ScaleMP for
    list of supported devices.
    [NEW] HCLBackplane: Support for Mellanox ConnectX-4 EDR HCAs.
    [NEW] HCLBoards: Initial support for up to 288 CPUs per board -
    more to follow.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO auto-enablement for Micron Technology Inc
    RealSSD P320h devices.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Expanded support for HP Smart Array Gen9 storage
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Initial support for Diablo MCS DDR4 devices.
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Support for driver for Broadcom NetXtreme II
    577xx/578xx (Issue: 6295).
    [NEW] HCLDevices: Warn if number of Diablo MCS per socket is too
    [NEW] License: Updated licenses CPU list classification for AMD
    Opteron 6338P and AMD Opteron 6370P.
    [NEW] Linux kernel command-line options tuneup - add
    "numa_balancing=disable" if "numa_balancing=" is not specified
    and one CPU board.
    [NEW] Performance: Change OS context to increase number of
    concurrent memory requests, and report it in vsmpstat output
    (CMR). Number of supported OS contexts controlled by vsmpctl
    --cmr. Currently set to 8 in Memory-expansion (MEX) and
    Flash-expansion (FLX) modes, and disabled in System-expansion
    (SYX) mode.
    [NEW] Performance: Improved MONITOR instruction performance for
    RHEL7.0 and later.
    [NEW] Performance: Improved working set detection for
    Memory-expansion (MEX) and Flash-expansion (FLX).
    [NEW] Performance: Increased cases supported by CPT and improve CPT
    [NEW] Performance: Introduce Associated Virtual Address (AVA)
    [NEW] Performance: Reduced Memory-expansion (MEX) and
    Flash-expansion (FLX) boot time by reducing memory
    initialization time (>40X reduction).
    [NEW] Performance: Sequential Virtual Address (SVA) prefetch support
    for reversed streams.
    [NEW] Performance: Show memory added by Memory-expansion (MEX) and
    Flash-expansion (FLX) as single NUMA domain (can be changed by
    configuration file).
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improve Linux OS context switch for
    leading to a shorter OS context switch time.
    [NEW] Performance: Significantly improved Memory-expansion (MEX)
    [NEW] Report the following values in vsmpversion for Diablo MCS: Max
    Temperature, Percentage of Remaining Warranty, Predictive
    Failure Detected.
    [NEW] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat to report usage of Guest code patching
    [NEW] vsmppp: Support for RHEL7.x.

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