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    Shai Fultheim

    8.2.1455.6 just released with tons of new improvements. Check latest release is available at, or go thru the below:

    [FIX] HCLBackplane: Boot may hang if primary board has multiple
    ports where some are disconnected (Issue: 6623).
    [FIX] HCLBackplane: Memory allocation when backplane_dev is set to
    !*:!*.!* (Issue: 7336).
    [FIX] HCLBoards: Memory corruption on boards with host bridge that
    has a non-zero interrupt pin (Lenovo x3550m5) (Issue: 7322).
    [FIX] HCLDevices: Issue with Fusion-MPT SAS 2.0 not used in AnyIO,
    that could lead to a system crash (not seen by a customer)
    (Issue: 7275).
    [FIX] Installer: ‘in’ with -mq flags should not wait for
    installation path (Issue: 7303).
    [FIX] Installer: Alternative image file using ‘bo’ with -f flag
    produce error 791 (Issue: 7300).
    [FIX] Installer: Correct message of ‘in’ with -n flag.
    [FIX] Installer: Correctly name image files when ‘bo’ is used
    (Issue: 7293).
    [FIX] Installer: Dump config using ‘bo’ with -d flag prints
    “Configuration dump:” header which confuse ‘bo’ with -c flag.
    [FIX] Installer: Dump config using ‘bo’ with -d flag produce error
    if image has no config (Issue: 7298).
    [FIX] Installer: Merge config using ‘up’ with -c flag reports “File
    config not found” (Issue: 7342).
    [FIX] Installer: up flag -m should not be used without -c or -d.
    [FIX] Installer: Use bash instead of systems default shell (for
    installation on Ubuntu and Debian).
    [FIX] License: Network license error 271 produce incorrect message
    (Issue: 2769).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Profiling buffer allocation.
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: Profiling buffer has large chunk of zeroes.
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpctl may hang SLES12 SP2 (and any Linux 3.11
    kernel and on) in System-expansion (SYX) mode when using
    memory PINNING (Issue: 7310).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpprof may crash the system if statistics are
    active (Issue: 7264).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpprof memory corruption during graph creation.
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat SEGV on native.
    [FIX] vSMP Foundation Device: Fixed update for USB 1.x (UHCI)
    [FIX] vSMP Foundation Device: Guest access to vSMP Foundation device
    on EHCI interface using –vfd=on may fail with ‘No medium
    found’ error (Issue: 7122).
    [FIX] BSOD may not show up.
    [FIX] Critical issue in HPET transition from legacy to non-legacy
    and back (affecting Citrix XenServer 7.0).
    [FIX] Rare system crash in Memory-expansion (MEX) and
    Flash-expansion (FLX) modes when memory size of primary board
    is significantly larger than one or more secondary boards.
    [FIX] Upgrade program may get stuck in System-expansion (SYX) mode
    when primary board has less CPUs than others (Issue: 7311).
    [FIX] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat not working on boards with 320 or more
    [CHG] Flash: Better handling of system with high ratio of CPUs per
    NVMe SSD, observed on Lenovo x3950 X6 with single NVMe SSD
    with 32 queues.
    [CHG] Flash: Correctly handle power states (Issue: 7265).
    [CHG] Flash: Improved Flash-expansion (FLX) NVMe initialization
    process for robustness. Format command will not be used at
    boot time.
    [CHG] Flash: Support for longer NVMe SSD format operations.
    [CHG] HCLBoards: Use ACPI to read HPET address if LPC access (or
    reading) fails.
    [CHG] HCLDevices: Updated hardware compatibility list. Details
    available at
    [CHG] Installer: Clearly report tools installation progress, errors
    and completion.
    [CHG] Installer: Skip optimal LBAF format for Intel DC P4800X NVMe
    if current LBAF ms=0 and ds< =12. [CHG] Installer: Support drives with up to 128GB for 'in' with -b flag. [CHG] UI and boot: Align backplane link rate report (Issue: 7174). [CHG] UI and boot: Align System Settings (F5) Hardware tab fields (Issue: 7313). [CHG] vSMP CTL: Improved vsmpctl help. [CHG] vSMP CTL: Increase profiling buffer size to reduce lost events in large machines. [CHG] vSMP CTL: Prohibit use of --cpu-boards and --io-boards in Flash-expansion (FLX) mode (Issue: 7231). [CHG] Improve PAT handling for Citrix XenServer 7.0 support. [CHG] System memory layout changed to increase amount of free memory below 4GB (Issue: 7143). [NEW] Flash: Warn if number of NVMe SSDs is smaller than the number of processor Sockets (Issue: 7326). [NEW] Flash: Warn if NVMe SSDs are not equally distributed between NUMA nodes (Issue: 7326). [NEW] HCLBoards: Expand use of APIC virtualization (APICv) if available - for improved performance. [NEW] HCLBoards: Handle APIC's directed EOI flag (for Citrix XenServer 7.0 support). [NEW] HCLBoards: Memory-expansion (MEX) and Flash-expansion (FLX) modes to follow board APIC/X2APIC cluster model and destination mode (ACPI FADT flags bits 18-19). [NEW] HCLBoards: Support for Intel C620 (Lewisburg) chipset. [NEW] HCLDevices: AnyIO device level enablement (anyio_devX) will apply independently from board level enablement (anyio_boards). Now these keys can be enable and disabled devices independently from each other. This simplifies adding non-supported devices to a system. [NEW] Installer: 40% size reduction. [NEW] Installer: Check for network connectivity before using it. [NEW] Installer: Passed firewall compliance tests. [NEW] Installer: Improved handling of installation to mounted devices and warn if target device has a filesystem. [NEW] Installer: Install tools when 'in' used with -n or -b flags. [NEW] Installer: Show progress bar when initializing NVMe devices (Issue: 7258). [NEW] Installer: Validate installation device selection. [NEW] Performance: Allow fast-path handling of Linux's madvise (MADV_DONTNEED) syscall. Disabled by default. [NEW] Performance: Faster page-table updates. Up to 100x in micro-benchmarks. Up to 40% improvement in 4K memory allocators (jemalloc). [NEW] Performance: Guest code patching (ultravirt): improve TLB flushing speed. [NEW] Performance: Improve Linux OS context switch time. [NEW] Performance: Improve memory map work distribution between multiple CPUs and scalability. Also improve sequential writes for Flash-expansion (FLX) mode. [NEW] Performance: Improved AnyIO performance for Memory-expansion (MEX) and Flash-expansion (FLX) modes. Up to 50% improvement for small-size IO. [NEW] Performance: Improved HLT/MONITOR/MWAIT handling. Up to 15% improvement in mixed workloads. [NEW] UI and boot: Added progress indicator for Loading Operating System stage (Issue: 7305). [NEW] UI and boot: Warn if AMD virtualization (SVM) is not enabled/supported by BIOS (Issue: 7324). [NEW] UI and boot: Warn if memory settings are too low (Issue: 7267). [NEW] vSMP CTL: Granular permission control with /usr/local/etc/vsmpctl.conf. Documentation in that file as well. [NEW] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat output file size reducion by 50% or more in Memory-expansion (MEX) mode and Flash-expansion (FLX) mode. [NEW] vSMP CTL: vsmpstat revamped for stand-alone periodic data collection (Issue: 7361): - Compressed output support. Can be controlled by --compress=yes|no. Default is yes. - New output flag: --outfile[=filename]. Will save to file without any output. Can be used without filename, which will save to stat..stat. The –output will be
    – Allow running periodically and one shot in parallel. New
    flag –exclusive will prevent one-shot as before.
    – Periodic run (using delay) will reset stats.
    – Periodic run (using delay) will start stats if stopped.
    – Periodic run (using delay) will collect system info if used
    with –outfile[=filename]. Display with –sys.
    – Improved help.
    [NEW] Correctly handle local-APIC one-shot timer mode (SLES 12 SP2
    and Citrix XenServer 7.0).
    [NEW] Instruction emulation required for Citrix XenServer 7.0.
    [NEW] Linux kernel command-line options tuneup – add “nokaslr”.
    [NEW] Revamped NX bit handling (for Citrix XenServer 7.0 support).
    [NEW] Validated Linux kernels 4.7 to 4.11 in Memory-expansion (MEX)
    mode and Flash-expansion (FLX) mode.
    [NEW] Various local-APIC timer issues (Citrix XenServer 7.0).

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