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    I am curious if you can install the ScaleMP System on the hard drive from the USB Flash drive for setup and configuration of each node, so that we do not have to leave the USB flash drive set in every server in production.

    Reason is I can understand the installation, but can once it is setup, can the data be installed on the drive for primary/secondary setup, after key is verified, since it seems that leaving the USB Flash drive in the USB port seems to be asking for trouble when you might accidently knock them off when doing maintainance or such on the servers while the cluster in operation.



    vSMP Foundation is locked to the USB device you loaded the software on.

    I would recommend to install the USB device *internal* to the server system to prevent device loss as you specified in your question. Most server systems has internal USB port and that is the recommended installation venue.

    What server system are you using for vSMP Foundation ?



    If you are looking to run vSMP Foundation with no USB at all, then you should get vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform.

    vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform allow for network boot, which is an easier way to control on the target nodes and require no physical install of the software on the nodes. vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform is stateless and allow for greater flexibility for cloud environments.



    Good to see traffic on the ScaleMP Forums.

    We are using vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform for a while and it is cool as we need no install to get it going. It is setup on out netboot server and controlled remotely using IPMI. This is how you should use it for large-scale production.




    I had a nice chat with the CEO of ScaleMP, but there seems to be some questions that still need to be answered. Since looking at the vSMP Advanced Platform, I noticed the part about sharing the Infiniband. However, from his reply, it seems that the OS will not be able to use Infiniband, which sort of defeats the purpose of using it to also access the SAN backend over the same Infiniband that is being used for the node mesh.

    Anyone able to verify this?


    Shai Fultheim


    It was indeed real pleasure to speak with you earlier.
    The InfiniBand link is dedicated for use of vSMP Foundation and is not accessible (basically invisible) to the OS. As a result, it can not be used for SAN access, and a separate fabric is needed for that.

    Please check for list of supported cards. For storage you can choose between Ethernet or FC at the current time.




    Hey Josh,

    Just out of curiousity, what kind of setup do you use, and what you use for SAN backend for provisiong your deployment? Since we are looking at around 5 to 10 server deployment at start, and grow to 30 later, depending if the customer decide to scale his Enterprise Messaging Platform, and it is pretty hard on the disk writes and reads.

    So I been looking at which SAN system would be suitable and not many out there that support infiniband out of the box, but many support iSCSI though.

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