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    good afternoon team ScaleMP, I was wondering if one has a single workstation that supports and uses the Xeon Phi as a workhorse, could one implement your software on this system? Motherboard its ASUS P9X79 WS with a E5-1607 xeon CPU(single socket CPU)?

    or do you need the supported motherboards on your list that have Infinibad and dual socket?(I dont use infiniband and the xeon phi is connected thru PCI) I ask this because while the Xeon Phi its a very powerful tool, I was interested in seeing its full potential with your software




    Why would I need to connect two or more motherboards Thru InfinBand HCA when all I want to use a single Xeon Phi Coprocessor and Unify it with 32GB of RAM? Are you telling me the picture showing a single motherboard and a single Xeon Phi co processor working as one its misleading? Seems I am going to have to take this with Benzi or Mr. Shai , don’t worry to reply I will email them



    Dear Marvin,

    This picture depics vSMP foundation aggregating including support for Xeon Phi coprocessors.
    As stated, the minimal vSMP Foundation configuration is made out of 2 boards connected by InfiniBand HCA.



    I dont think you are understanding my questions, I am talking about the specific Xeon Phi vSMP software not your regular vSMP foundation.

    just like in this picture(showing a Single 2P board and a single Xeon Phi coprocessor) I have a single motherboard with a single Xeon Phi co processor, I want a unified system, I have no need for HCA Infinibad, can you check with your support team because I need the following> “processor-virtualized mode, vSMP Foundation virtualizes the entire platform, both the host CPU and memory with the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor cores and memory. Thus, any application that runs on an existing IA host system will seamlessly run on the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor based system. Applications which are scalable will see an immediate performance gain due to having over 60 cores available running in one instance of the operating system

    here is the picture and souce link if you dont believe me. Souce> http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20121127005016/en/ScaleMP-Support-Intel-True-Scale-InfiniBand-Intel



    Hello Marvin,

    vSMP Foundation supports Xeon Phi. The minimal amount of boards needed to create a vSMP Foundation VM is two. Each board must have one InfiniBand HCA.

    In order to ensure smooth operation and performance, all hardware must be listed in our supported hardware list.

    Erez Velan



    Thanks Mr. Benzi, I know alot of people(freelancers) that will love to hear these news, they can think Big without having Deep pockets

    if I understand you correctly all one needs its a single certified sytem from your spec list(that supports xeon Phi of course) a single Xeon Phi and a Single vSMP license? what is the license that support “Fuse Mode”? the Foundation or the Advance Plataform?


    Benzi Galili

    Hi Marvin,

    I think I understand the confusion.

    There are several topics all rolled into a single post here. I will try to provide answers for each (per my understanding)

    1st, the issue of server system certification: the single-socket Xeon ASUS P9X79 WS is not certified for use with vSMP Foundation.

    2nd, indeed, if using a certified server system (see http://www.scalemp.com/spec) you would be able to plug a Xeon Phi into it, and use it in what we call “Fused Mode” (showed under the title “aggregation” in the graphics you posted). A single server board (certified), and a single Xeon Phi card, is all that would be needed in this case.

    3rd, if you wanted to aggregated multiple phi cards from multiple systems (as shown under “Co-processor Add-on” in the image), you would need at least two nodes.

    BTW: it is worth noting that the Xeon Phi cores are hyperthreaded, so you will see more than “60 cores”, in terms of the logical CPU count.



    Benzi Galili


    Indeed, all you would need is: (1) a server of a ScaleMP-certified model; (2) a Xeon Phi co-processor PCIe card; and (3) a matching license of vSMP Foundation (no need for Advanced Platform in this case)

    To consult about more details, licensing, pricing, best-fitting hardware for your specific application, etc — please write in email to benzi at scalemp.

    Thank you.



    We recently acquired a couple of XEON Phi cards from another group and I’d like to try out the “fused Mode”.

    Does vSMP Free version support this ability, so we can look into the viability.

    Steve @ Corero


    Benzi Galili

    Hi Steve,

    vSMP Foundation Free only supports aggregating memory, not compute. Aggregating compute resources requires the commercial license for our products, please email sales@scalemp.com for more information.
    Also, please note that “Fused mode” on the first version of Xeon Phi (KNC, 71xx series) was a technology preview. The final product is now shipping for the new Xeon Phi (KNL, 72xx series). Which model of Xeon Phi do you have?

    Thank you!

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