ScaleMP And Netlist Advance Commercialization Of HybriDIMM™ Storage Class Memory Solution

New Intel Solution Greatly Extends System Memory Capacity while Reducing Cost per Terabyte

Lenovo Innovates to Provide Software-Defined, Scalable Solutions for SAP S/4HANA®

New economic model lowers total cost of ownership, simplifies scalability for customer

Higher Performance and Greater Application Density with Memory Extension using NVMe Flash

Using HGST high performance Ultrastar® SN260/SN200 PCIe NVMe™ flash drives, Supermicro® servers and ScaleMP software-defined memory (SDM-S) you can create a memory extension solution.

IDF 2016: ScaleMP Merges Software-Defined Memory With Storage-Class Memory, Makes Optane Work Like RAM

Virtualization-based software-defined memory used to make Intel SSDs work like RAM

Intel Optane and 3D XPoint Updates From IDF, Software Defined Memory from ScaleMP for Intel SSDs

Intel showcasing ScaleMP’s technology providing VMs with far more virtual memory than the host system has DRAM, by transparently using Intel NVMe SSDs

Intel will provide early access to fast Optane SSDs via the cloud, collaborates with ScaleMP

Intel plans to show how memory tiers can be designed in Optane SSDs with the help of software from ScaleMP,

ScaleMP to keynote at In-Memory Computing Summit

CSIRO, Dell, ScaleMP, and Bright, team to move supercomputing into ‘software defined’ era

UQ new FlashLite supercomputer sets SPEC benchmark world records

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