Flash Expansion

vSMP Foundation Flash Expansion aggregates DRAM and NVM memory capacity to a single memory space for use in industry-standard, x86 servers, using advanced virtual machine technology. Organizations that run workloads with medium to high memory requirements can meet these workload requirements using an economically efficient combination of memory technologies. Built on the proven Software Defined Memory capabilities of vSMP Foundation over network fabrics (SDM-F), vSMP Foundation Flash Expansion leverages novel Storage Class Memory (SCM) devices to provide Software Defined Memory over Storage (SDM-S).
vSMP Foundation Flash Expansion is used by organizations for the following use cases:

vSMP Foundation Flash Expansion at a Glance


  • Up to 1:7 ratio between DRAM and NVM, aggregated into a single coherent system memory
  • Completely transparent to OS and applications, no customizations or adjustments needed
  • Reduce overall DRAM footprint in the datacenter for CAPEX and OPEX savings
  • Application license saving with fewer processors for deploying large memory
  • Available for different NVM form factors, including NVMe

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