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Category Feature vSMP Foundation Free vSMP Foundation vSMP Foundation
Advanced Platform
Selective scaling allows for resource aggregation to accommodate for workload requirements. “Memory Expansion” will aggregate memory of multiple systems, while “System Expansion” will aggregate CPU, memory and I/O of multiple systems. Memory
Capability Maximum nodes participating in a highly scalable SMP with up to 32,768 CPUs and 2 PB RAM by virtualizing the aggregate resources of multiple nodes1 to a single VM 8 32 1281
Processing and I/O scalability (number of nodes with active processors and I/O devices) 1 1 All 1 All
Tailor-made SMP allowing to select processor type (AMD or Intel), node-size (2-socket, 4-socket and 8-socket) and I/O capabilities (1GigE, 10GigE, Fibre-Channel, SAS, etc.)
Processing capabilities (max. processors per node / max. processors per VM) 4 / 4 4 / 4 4 / 64 8 / 8 8 / 1024
Memory capabilities (max. memory per VM) 1.5 TB 8 TB 2 PB
Pay as you grow allows for expansion with no price or performance penalties when more resources are needed  
AnyIO provide support for extended list of I/O devices including accelerators (GPGPUs), storage and network controllers Predefined Predefined User-defined
Performance Built-in high-performance parallel storage providing parallel, non-blocking scratch volume with linear scalability      
Active-active multi-rail InfiniBand for increased performance with up to four HCAs providing maximum of up to 400Gbps (EDR)      
User-instructed hardware memory placement control provides enhanced support for memory pinning via dedicated system API  
Availability Unmatched RAS characteristics with node level fault isolation and automatic system recovery – providing maximum system uptime without user intervention
Active-passive multi-rail InfiniBand providing seamless link failover for increased availability using dual-rail InfiniBand support
Flexibility SMP partitioning allows creation of multiple, isolated and independent smaller SMPs
Shared InfiniBand fabric for multiple VMs, providing infrastructure cost savings
On-demand SMP allows repurposing cluster nodes in an ad-hoc basis. Ready-made integration with multiple provisioning systems: Bright Cluster Manager, IBM Platform, Insight CMU, ROCKS and XCAT
Licensing Model Licensing model Node-
Node-locked Floating
Perpetual license starting price (including first year of support). Additional support is priced at 25% of purchase price if purchased independently, or at 20% of purchase price if purchased up-front. Free Contact us at
Annual subscription starting price Free
Support Community ScaleMP ScaleMP



  • 1128 nodes: VMs with over 64 nodes require Large VM (LVM) license. Contactfor details.