Selective Scaling

The vSMP Foundation product suite aggregates multiple, industry-standard x86 servers into a single virtual high-end shared-memory system. Depending on workload requirements, either all of the resources (CPUs, memory, and I/O) can be aggregated, or just the memory of the nodes. We call this “selective scaling”, as the organization can adjust the system exactly to the application needs. This provides customers with an alternative to proprietary, expensive high-end systems. vSMP Foundation provides two aggregation modes:

Selective Scaling – at a glance

CPU Expansion

  • Up to 32,768 CPUs and 2 PB RAM virtual shared-memory system, aggregating compute, I/O and RAM of multiple servers
  • Proven scalability and record-breaking memory bandwidth
  • Ease-of-use and lowest total cost of ownership for clustered applications.  Designed for server consolidation, providing  simplified system management and storage architecture.
  • Application tuning and performance tools available
vSMP Foundation can be licensed either perpetually or annually.