vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform

vSMP Foundation™ Advanced Platform extends the capabilities of vSMP Foundation, providing enhanced capabilities over the traditional SMP systems available with vSMP Foundation.

Like vSMP Foundation, vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform offers on-demand SMP, which provides greater utilization by reusing the same systems for both distributed and shared-memory workloads; partitioning, which enables different groups to work on a dedicated resource rather than share the same system and interfere with one another; and parallel InfiniBand performance, which uses multiple HCAs in parallel to improve performance for your most demanding applications. But it also adds support for very large SMPs, which delivers greater system scalability.

As workloads change, a datacenter with vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform installed can react to these changing workloads. Large, virtual SMP’s can be created as needed for users who need access to hundreds of cores and/or Terabytes of memory.  A virtual SMP can be created on the fly by using a number of popular cluster management applications. When the challenging workload decreases or changes to smaller resource intensive applications, the servers can be returned to the cluster to continue to do useful work.

vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform - Datacenter