vSMP Foundation

vSMP Foundation™ aggregates multiple, industry-standard, x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system. This flagship product provides customers with an alternative to traditional, expensive multiprocessing (SMP or NUMA) systems and also offers simplified clustering infrastructure with a single operating system.

With vSMP Foundation multiple servers can be consolidated into a single, easy to manage system. Multiple servers now appear to the administrator, developer, or user as a single entity, running only one copy of the operating system (OS). Only one set of updates, patches, and applications need to be installed, as compared with many when running a cluster of systems.  Each and every CPU in the aggregated system has access to all of the memory.

vSMP Foundation / Memory Expansion gives users the ability to access all of the aggregated memory of multiple systems from a single or multiple threads. By combining a number of servers together in order to expand the amount of directly addressable memory, developers and users can easily access many Terabytes of memory without having to learn complicated programming environments. vSMP Foundation / Memory Expansion gives users a cost effective system that scales the memory to the desired amounts.