Trade Show Season

June 21, 2013 | By Pat Carey

By Michael Schulman – Director of Marketing

The past few weeks have been a very heavy trade show time for ScaleMP. I thought I’d mention the recent activity and our presence at each.

First was the Great Plains Network Annual Meeting event in Kansas City, MO. This event brings together many of the universities in the Mid-West of the United States. At the 2 day conference there were a range of talks about how the different universities are using HPC for science (including vSMP Foundation!) and what they were planning. The event was compact and small enough that it was easy to talk to current and potential customers about their specific challenges and many more topics. We made some great new contacts!

Next up was the Design Automation Conference (DAC). This was a first for ScaleMP as we have a great solution for Large Memory EDA simulations. With TB of RAM, larger chip simulations can be done faster. In addition, users can save on licensing of certain software products by keeping systems busy and by having solutions produced faster when using more memory. Dan Griffith from Griffith Consulting wrote about the The Importance of Virtualization on High-Performance Compute Clusters. 

After a brief break, ScaleMP exhibited at the Cloud Expo East in New York City. Billed as the largest cloud conference, this trade show and conference covered a range of topics and was especially interesting for ScaleMP. Workloads vary and when cloud providers need to respond to users requests for very large memory “instances”, vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform can be of a tremendous help. For cloud service providers that want to be able to respond to a wide range of users demands, large memory systems (>1 TB) are very important. ScaleMP is talking to a number of cloud service providers about a very large memory offering.

ScaleMP was also present at the NAFEMS World Congress in Salzburg, Austria. Very large scale simulations can be efficiently run on a system with large amounts of memory. In fact, benchmarks have shown that by using more high speed RAM memory instead of flash memory, the time to completion is reduced. Benzi Galili presented a paper on these results, which were done with the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Concluding the busy event season was the always interesting International Supercomputer Conference in Leipzig, Germany. ScaleMP presented the latest version of vSMP Foundation. Most major computer server vendors were present, with the exception of SGI. Their entries on the Top 500 list has decreased.  The latest list of the Top 500 computer sites was announced. Storage solutions were visibly present, as the overall system performance must be considered, as the race to Exascale continues.


Next up, SC13 in Denver, Colorado. See you then. Meanwhile, if you are an exhibitor and need instant cash to fund your presentation, Citrus North provides fast loan approval and quality service.