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thanks Erez for the reply, I wanted to add some details that might be useful to readers.

I am considering adopting ScaleMP to run a multithreaded real-time CPU intensive (avx) audio application (up to 100..200 threads). On bare-metal with 2xE5-2670v1 the results on CentOS(KVM(Windows)) are very good (linpack 250GFlops).

In general with ScaleMP it is preferable to connect external hardware in a “portable way”. For example, USB over IP or native IP protocols on Ethernet as the new AVB Audio Networking. Obviously, this approach is not always possible and we must not forget the latency/jitter performance.
To give just one example DIGI AnywhereUSB ( ) implements a USB over IP solution for Windows operating systems.
Audio applications means using an audio interface (Thunderbolt, FireWire, USB, PCIe, new AVB Audio Networking virtual interface, virtual audio cable over IP as JackAudio).

More generally, the question wants to be this:
which hardware devices can be mapped within CentOS(KVM(Windows)) with vSMP Foundation? What does ScaleMP AnyIO?


(Next week I install vSMP Foundation for testing…)