Financial Services

In the financial services industry, many institutions rely on analytics, modeling, and simulation, in order to make the best decisions, at times in real-time fashion.
ScaleMP enables clients in the Financial Services industry to:

  1. Create and analyze models based on greater amounts of information (e.g. data accumulated over more years, or data encompassing more assets and relationships thereof) to achieve more accurate forecasts or make better decisions to reduce risk.
  2. Perform more complex analysis of similarity between different transactions to detect fraud or approve transfers, in real time.
  3. To adjust product mix offering to clients based on successful past record with similar situations
  4. To track information from multiple sources such as exchanges, social media, news outlets – in order to make decisions that impact their portfolio
  5. To more accurately target insurance policies and terms, and to detect patterns in insurance claims and better assign resources to investigations.

vSMP Foundation is ideal for applications that process significant amounts of information, as it enables the creation of systems with previously impossible amounts of shared memory and large computing resources in a single-system environment, thus enabling clients to hold all data in-memory, and to apply analytics methods to it without limitation.

Popular Applications, middleware, and DBMS include:

  • HANA
  • DB2 BLU
  • KX/kdb+
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • ActivePivot
  • Wombat