Higher Education

Universities and centers of higher learning have always understood the balance between classroom learning and the laboratory. As such, higher education and research often (but not always) go hand-in-hand. Whether it is a university or corporate or government researcher, the focus is to work at the cutting edge of science to create breakthroughs in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, design, medicine, thermo- and aerodynamics, and more.

Research activities’ varied scope usually demands complex IT requirements. Solutions based on vSMP Foundation are ideally suited to help address these requirements, which can range from running commercial, off-the-shelf OpenMP and MPI applications to homegrown applications for unique workloads.

vSMP Foundation solutions provide IT capabilities with reduced system management operational complexity, enabling researchers to focus on research instead of worrying about IT infrastructure. These solutions provide the versatility to run jobs that require a large memory footprint, compute-intensive applications, or to run multiple, small-to-medium simulations that enable scientists, engineers and researchers to dynamically adjust their applications mix to changes in research priorities. Higher education installations benefit from systems with vSMP Foundation in that researchers can concentrate on their research and not be concerned with cluster management.

Solutions based on vSMP Foundation are ideal for multi-disciplinary research, enabling faculty, students and researchers to maximize application performance and research flexibility for single users, departments and computer datacenters.