Manufacturing Industries

To accelerate design and product development and reduce time to market, manufacturing organizations rely increasingly on IT to deliver infrastructure for simulations with increased model sophistication and detail. These simulations drive the need for faster compute that traditional, limited memory, dual- and quad-processor systems can no longer meet. To overcome these system limitations, software vendors have increasingly invested in scaling their applications to take advantage of the largest CPU solutions. These can be run either on shared-memory processing systems or on distributed-memory systems (clusters). Using a shared memory solution simplifies the development and deployment of CAE software. Manufacturing type applications can utilize large memory systems when more complete modelling is required.

Market analysis shows that, when taking into account application scalability and software-licensing models, optimum system configurations are in the range of four- to 16-processor and 128 GB to 1 TB. For this reason, solutions based on ScaleMP’s vSMP Foundation aggregation platform are an ideal choice in these environments.