Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM)

vSMP Foundation is optimized for computational structural mechanics (CSM) applications such as Ansys, Abaqus and LS-Dyna. With the industry’s largest x86 shared-memory footprint, solutions based on ScaleMP’s vSMP Foundation aggregation platform deliver the scalability and performance for complex physical modeling tasks.

In general, most implicit applications tend to scale well from eight to 16 processor CPUs and require large amounts of memory, favoring shared-memory systems. Explicit applications tend to scale better, but demand much higher memory bandwidth. vSMP Foundation aggregation platforms offer the compute, memory and bandwidth advantages in one system, for both implicit and explicit solvers, optimally running simulations on a variety of processors (from four to 32 and up to 256 CPUs).

With solutions based on vSMP Foundation, designers and engineers can deliver superior product designs faster and more cost effectively. vSMP Foundation solutions provide the capability to run more complex analyses on very detailed components or subassemblies, dramatically speeding up application run times, and significantly reducing costly engineering changes. Computational structural mechanics applications can be run utilizing more memory in a simple to use environment.

Popular Applications include:

  • ABAQUS/Explicit
  • ABAQUS/Standard
  • ALTAIR Radioss
  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • TNO Diana

For additional information on how ScaleMP can help your MCAE productivity, please read our related whitepaper: