Numerical Simulations

Scientists and engineers using numerical simulations applications such as MATLAB, R or Mathematica for research in signal processing, financial engineering, mathematical modeling and manufacturing can greatly benefit from solutions based on vSMP Foundation.

Most vendors provide both single-processor and multi-processor versions of their applications, and as such, users can run either single processes using all the memory in the system, multiple processes in parallel that share the memory, or one or more jobs running in multi-processor mode. This flexibility enables engineers and researchers to run more simulations with greater flexibility — without the risk of running out of memory for large jobs — or to run demanding jobs on the entire system using parallel versions of the applications when available. This dramatically accelerates their application/simulation development efforts, for faster time-to-insight and faster time-to–product.

Popular Applications include:

  • R
  • Mathematica
  • Octave
  • Stata