Larger, Affordable Server Memory

How to increase memory up to 6TB per processor and pay as low as $2.5 per GB of server memory? Schedule a live demo now.


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vSMP MemoryONE transparently pools DRAM and NVM memory into a single memory space 

vSMP MemoryONE uses non-volatile memory to expand or replace DRAM. This allows for:

  1. Very large system memory: For in-memory processing such as in-memory databases
  2. More users or tenants in a single server, for virtual machines or containers
  3. Cost savings: Lower DRAM coupled with NVM for CAPEX and OPEX savings; deployment of extremely larger memory for distributed in-memory data, while reducing total number of servers per application
  4. Transparent deployment and use: No modifications needed for OS or applications
  5. Easy upgrades: Plug more NVM into the system for additional memory
  6. Easily get to 6TB-48TB on standard servers


vSMP MemoryONE is the only solution that increases memory capacity while reducing costs

Use cost-effective non-volatile storage-class memory (SCM) and other high-performance storage devices to transparently replace expensive server DRAM and expand beyond their capacity limits.

Use software-defined memory by ScaleMP

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