Maintenance Policy

Version: 1.10


Standard Support – The period for Standard Support shall commence at the date of software enablement for software that includes enablement key or the delivery date for software not including key. The period for Standard Support shall continue throughout the duration of the purchased Maintenance period. Standard Support activities could include:

  1. Troubleshooting and fixing any fault in ScaleMP Deliverables: vSMP Foundation, Tuned Kernels, Tuned Application libraries and Documentation – as long as the user has followed ScaleMP instructions, documentation and guidelines. This also covers work performed by ScaleMP to determine whether the ScaleMP Deliverables are the source of a problem.
  2. Provision of documentation (HW Installation Manual, User Guide, Ready-made Performance Best-practices and application execution guidelines, etc), via the ScaleMP Support Portal.
  3. Delivery of software upgrades for vSMP Foundation, and for other ScaleMP Deliverables, via the ScaleMP Support Portal.
  4. Credentials to interact with ScaleMP’s support engineers via the Support Portal’s web-based and email-based ticketing system.
  5. Assistance in setup/configuration beyond the basic/standard end-user set-up protocols/procedures – only under circumstances where the system fails to meet agreed-upon expectations (either explicitly stated in ScaleMP product specification or ScaleMP-published benchmarks) and for as long as user followed ScaleMP instructions, documentation and guidelines. Assistance in Operating System setup and configuration available only for Supported Operating Systems as defined by ScaleMP’s web site and updated from time to time.

Premium Support – Any support activity that does not fit the above definitions of Standard Support will be considered Premium Support. The list is Premium Support activities could include:

  1. Assisting the end user in locating faulty HW components (beyond simply identifying that there are hardware faults).
  2. Assisting end-user in improving performance of applications for which ScaleMP does not provide performance data, or for which ScaleMP did not document execution guidelines, etc.
  3. Troubleshooting issues with end-user software that is not directly related to ScaleMP deliverables (such as application libraries or OS settings that are not recommended by ScaleMP etc.).
  4. Various training activities:
    1. ScaleMP Introduction to the Versatile SMP architecture or vSMP Foundation.
    2. Troubleshooting vSMP Foundation-based systems
    3. vSMP Foundation for System Administrators
    4. vSMP Foundation for Developers – Basic Level
    5. vSMP Foundation for Developers and ISVs – Advanced: Profiling and Performance Optimization.
    6. Any other/custom training
  5. Integrating a vSMP-Foundation-based fat-node into an existing cluster environment: job scheduler, network IO improvements, cluster/parallel file systems, etc.

Support Tickets and Case Reporting and Tracking – ScaleMP will provide an electronic reporting and tracking mechanism as well as periodic updates to ScaleMP Deliverables, via ScaleMP’s Support Portal and throughout the Standard Support period. The electronic reporting and tracking mechanism is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (uptime of 99%), to report and update support cases (bugs, etc) and view status of such cases.

Hours of operation – Customer Service hours of operation are listed below (excluding some statutory holidays).

  • US and Canada: Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm EST/EDT
  • Europe: Monday through Friday 8 am – 5 pm CET/CEST


  1. Pursuant to compliance with (i) the requirements as detailed below; and (ii) end-user adherence to EULA terms, ScaleMP shall, during the term of this Agreement, provide technical support (“Standard Support”) for the ScaleMP Products.
  2. Standard Support terms:
    1. Standard Support will be provided on the condition that: (i) the specific Product’s license is current on and registered on ScaleMP’s records; and that (ii) installation, configuration and use of the Product have been in full compliance and in accordance with ScaleMP EULA, documentation and guidelines, installation requirements, ScaleMP’s support Staff instructions; and that (iii) the latest available revision of the Product is being used.
    2. Standard Support will be provided by ScaleMP during the Hours of operation through electronic mail and/or web-based interface.
    3. Standard Support includes coverage as set in Standard Support definition which is updated by ScaleMP from time to time.
    4. ScaleMP support engineers may request user to schedule a phone call to assist in resolution of support case. In case of such a request, user will provide phone number and available time slot during Hours of Operation, with 5 business days of request for a call.
  3. Premium Support can be provided at the rates applicable and as updated by ScaleMP from time to time.
  4. Support term: Standard Support will be provided by ScaleMP at no additional charge for the Maintenance Period as defined by the EULA and as identified by the Products’ serial number.
  5. No support obligation: ScaleMP shall have no obligation to support Products that are (i) used other than in accordance with this Agreement, the product documentation, the EULA or other written operating instructions or has been subject to negligence or accident by anyone other than ScaleMP; or; (ii) modified, repaired, serviced, maintained or altered by anyone other than ScaleMP without ScaleMP’s prior written approval in each instance; or (iii) combined with or installed on/with operating systems, hardware or other equipment which do not match ScaleMP pre-determined and published specifications; or (iv) installed not in accordance with the hardware/software configuration provided by ScaleMP or with the written installation instructions provided by ScaleMP, other than by ScaleMP; or (v) damaged by causes beyond the control of ScaleMP. The above notwithstanding, where ScaleMP provides Support towards resolving any of the above, ScaleMP will be reimbursed for any commercially reasonable costs, expenses and fees incurred in connection with support provided.
  6. Maintenance, Support Services and Updates: ScaleMP will periodically publish minor upgrades, updates, corrections, reports on software problems, and other maintenance support for the products that will be made available within the support term of the respective products.