The power of Vectorwise only gets better as you look at the option to scale the size of your analytic operations to support big data. Vectorwise’s hyper efficient data processing combined with ScaleMP’s unique virtualization technologies gives you a powerful and unique solution to tackle the challenges of big data and big analytics.

Actian is proud to introduce Vectorwise Scale which now delivers the ideal platform for building big data analytics and applications.

Join Actian and ScaleMP for this webinar on February 20th to learn how you can:

  • Reduce costs and get more memory, storage bandwidth and capacity
  • Enable fast access to massive amounts of memory
  • Simplify systems administration by combining a number of systems into one system
  • And much more…

Register now to learn more about how Vectorwise and ScaleMP speed up large data warehouses and create opportunities for big data business innovation.

Find the time that works best for you-

7:00am PST, 3:00pm GMT: Register Here
3:30pm PST, 9:30am EST (Australia) February 21st: Register Here


Fred Gallagher, General Manager, Vectorwise, Actian

Benzi Galili, COO, EVP of Sales, ScaleMP