ScaleMP Ranks among the Fastest Worldwide on Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) Benchmarks

vSMP Foundation delivers top three performance, representing highest performance, cloud-enabled, x86 shared-memory systems

Cupertino, Calif. – June 29, 2011 — ScaleMPTM, a leading provider of virtualization solutions for high-end computing, today announced record-breaking benchmarking results for x86 systems using the company’s vSMP FoundationTM software. vSMP Foundation claimed the top three result for two Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) benchmarks, representing highest performance cloud-enabled x86 shared memory systems.

vSMP Foundation enables customers to create shared-memory systems from their cloud-enabled datacenters, providing applications with large memory and shared memory for the lowest TCO. This solution provides the most power-efficient SMP system, leveraging commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware. The on-demand nature of vSMP Foundation inproves system utilization and reduces management complexity.

ScaleMP benchmarking experts used 64 dual-socket nodes, aggregated into a single virtual shared-memory system to gain the record-breaking results for SPECint_rate_base2006, which achieved 13,600, receiving top 3 status for this benchmark and solidifying ScaleMP’s leadership in powering high-end x86 systems. The official results can be viewed on web site

“vSMP Foundation’s outstanding results from its single, virtual solution aggregating multiple, industry-standard x86 machines proves once again its superior performance and cost savings for customers seeking a powerful and affordable shared-memory system,” said Shai Fultheim, founder and CEO of ScaleMP.

About SPEC Benchmarks

SPEC CPU Benchmark is the industry-standard, CPU-intensive benchmark suite, stressing a system’s processor, memory subsystem and compiler. It is designed to provide a comparative measure of compute-intensive performance across the widest practical range of hardware using workloads developed from real user applications. For more information about SPEC’s benchmarks, visit

About vSMP Foundation

vSMP Foundation aggregates multiple, industry-standard, off-the-shelf x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system. vSMP Foundation provides customers with an alternative to traditional, expensive symmetrical multiprocessing (SMP) systems and also offers simplified clustering infrastructure with a single operating system. It supports aggregation of up to 128 servers into a single virtual SMP system, providing customers with:

  • Up to 64 TB of shared memory for large memory requirements;
  • Up to 1,024 processors (10,240 cores) virtual SMP, proven scalability and record-breaking memory bandwidth;
  • Ease of use and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for applications, with simplified cluster management and storage architecture;
  • Improved cluster utilization, by providing a centralized and consolidated architecture.

About ScaleMP

ScaleMP is the leader in virtualization for high-end computing, providing maximum performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). The innovative Versatile SMPTM(vSMP) architecture aggregates multiple Intel Architecture systems into a single virtual Intel Architecture system, delivering an industry-standard, high-end symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) computer. Using software to replace custom hardware and components, ScaleMP offers a new, revolutionary computing paradigm. For more information, please call +1 (408) 342-0330 or visit

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