Customer Quotes

R Systems Uses vSMP Foundation

“vSMP Foundation for Cloud provides us with unprecedented flexibility in our cloud infrastructure, which is incredibly valuable for the types of projects we are working on that often have very wide-ranging needs. Using traditional servers or virtualization we are only able to partition our physical systems to accommodate small workloads. Now, using vSMP Foundation for Cloud, we have the flexibility to dynamically aggregate those same servers to create private on-demand virtual SMP systems for demanding applications.”
— Greg Keller, principal of R Systems, Inc.


“When I took this position, I had the option of placing the startup capital into hardware or something new. I decided to try something new and selected ScaleMP for its innovative approach to SMP clusters and for what I believed it would enable us to do. ScaleMP has allowed us to stretch our budget and give our lab the HPC capabilities we require. It has also served as an excellent pilot project so that other departments at the university can see first-hand how beneficial the scalable performance metrics can be to our research and future supercomputer.”
— Dr. Elfi Kraka, Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry, Southern Methodist University

SCDC Gordon Uses vSMP Foundation

Gordon utilizes a unique architecture, designed by ScaleMP, where a supernode that aggregates 32 of Gordon’s servers and two I/O servers into a single virtual cache so “it can be used without putting too much brain into using it”.
— Rob Pennington, National Science Foundation