Larger, Affordable Server Memory for Only $2.5/GB

Need larger server memory? up to 8TB per socket

vSMP MemoryONE transparently pools DRAM and NVMe SSD memory into a single memory space, with no modification to the operating system and applications.

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  • Enables scaling of system memory to dozens of terabytes
  • Delivers DRAM-like performance
  • Transparent to existing OS and applications
  • Promotes server consolidation
  • Fits most industry-standard server models

Proven Use Cases

  • Very large system memory: For in-memory processing and in-memory databases (e.g. SAP-HANA).
  • Increase GB/Core ratio, to enable more tenants in a single server, for virtual machines or containers.
  • Cost savings: Lower Memory Cost: For distributed in-memory data and analytics (e.g. redis, memcached, Spark, MongoDB), while reducing total number of servers per cluster.

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