Demo: vSMP Foundation with AMD-EPYC

Watch a demo of AMD EPYC Server with 6TB of memory


This demo shows how system memory of AMD EPYC based servers can be easily expanded to multiple TBs in a cost-effective way, by using Western Digital Ultrastar Memory devices.

We took a standard AMD EPYC based server with only 512GB of system memory, and expanded it to over 6TB of system memory for as low as $2.5/GB

Expand system memory of AMD EPYC based servers and benefit from both worlds:

  1. High core count and excellent performance
  2. TBs of memory in a cost-effective way

Unlimited Memory for AMD EPYC-based Servers at a Fraction of the Cost of DRAM

Learn how system memory for AMD EPYC™ based servers can be transparently expanded for as low as $2.5/GB, and up to 32TB for a dual socket server.

vSMP MemoryONE addressed the growing demand for in-memory computing and higher memory per core ratio in a scalable and cost-effective way.