Unlimited Memory for AMD EPYC-based Servers at a Fraction of the Cost of DRAM

IT organizations across the world are leveraging in-memory computing to drive superior application performance and obtain meaningful insights using advanced business analytics. However, in-memory computing can become bottlenecked by set limitations on the amount of memory available to the server, as well as prohibitive DRAM pricing.

Learn how system memory for AMD EPYC™ based servers can be transparently expanded to address the growing demand for in-memory computing and higher memory per core ratio in a scalable and cost-effective way.

Product Highlights

  • Enables scaling of system memory, typically up to 32TiB per 2 socket server
  • Delivers DRAM-like performance for key enterprise and cloud applications and workloads*
  • Transparent to existing OS and applications
  • Promotes server consolidation