Scale-up with Virtual SMP

Do you need a more powerful server for your HPC workloads?

Get double the compute for your budget.

vSMP ServerONE aggregates multiple, industry-standard, x86 servers into one single virtual high-end system. Finally, organizations have an alternative to expensive legacy multiprocessing (SMP or NUMA) that can easily scale for different system attributes.

With vSMP ServerONE you can scale OpenMP-based applications and other multi-threaded codes to thousands of cores.


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With vSMP ServerONE, multiple servers appear to the operating system, applications, administrators, developers or users as a single computer, running only one copy of the operating system. Each CPU in the aggregated system has access to all of the memory, enabling applications to scale using thread-parallel execution such as OpenMP.


vSMP ServerONE also provides enhanced capabilities over the traditional SMP systems by offering:

  • Software-defined composable server infrastructure, which provides greater utilization by reusing the same servers’ hardware for both distributed and shared-memory workloads.
  • Hard partitioning, which enables different groups to work on a dedicated resource rather than share the same system and interfere with one another.
  • Active-active InfiniBand connectivity, which uses multiple HCAs in parallel to improve performance for the most demanding applications.