On-demand Computing

Flexibility for varying workloads – scalability in a changing business environment

As business demands change, server workload requirements change, and the ability to create the right type of system for maximum productivity is paramount. With vSMP Foundation’s on-demand computing capabilities, large-memory or shared-memory VMs can be created as users’ applications require large amounts of memory or CPUs in a single instance of the OS. These servers can then be returned to the cluster as the workload changes.

Unfortunately, common cloud computing resources cannot scale to support high-performance workloads with their requirements for a large number of processing cores or large-memory/RAM footprints. As a result, end users with different workloads have had to purchase dedicated, expensive and purpose-built hardware. In addition to the expense, these additional compute resources require extra time spent in maintenance and management, leaving less time for running workloads and generating application results. On-demand computing and the creation of appropriate virtual SMP’s increases an organizations competitiveness.

See a demo of vSMP Foundation’s on-demand capabilities.

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