Software Specifications

Node Specifications Processor Supported: Intel® Xeon® 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, E5-x6xx, E5-x6xx v2, E5-26xx v3, E5-26xx v4, E7-x8xx, E7-x8xx v2 E7-x8xx v3, E7-x8xx v4, Scalable 31xx, 41xx, 51xx, 61xx, 81xx series, E3-12xx v6
AMD Opteron™ 6100, 6200, 6300 series
Max. CPU1 Speed: Unlimited
Max. CPUs1 per Node: 255 (System-expansion mode)
384 (Memory-expansion and Flash-expansion modes)
Memory (GB) per Node (Min. / Max): 8 / 8,192
VM Specifications Systems per VM (Min. / Max): 2 / 128
Max. CPUs1 per VM: 32,640 (System-expansion mode)
384 (Memory-expansion and Flash-expansion modes)
Max. Memory per VM (TB): 2,048 (System-expansion mode)
96 (Memory-expansion and Flash-expansion modes)
Installation Media: vSMP Foundation: Flash-drive9
vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform: Flash-drive9 or Network10
VM Features Fault Tolerant2 Support: Included
Backplane Redundancy3 Support: Included
Direct Connect4 Support: Included
Backplane Scaling5 Support: vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform
Partitioning6 Support: vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform
On-demand SMP7 Support: vSMP Foundation Advanced Platform
Additional Software vSMP Productivity Pack8: Included
Profiler: Optional


  • 1CPUs: Represented by a processor core or a logical processor.
  • 2Fault Tolerant: Automatic restart of the VM upon node failure, isolating the failed node.
  • 3Backplane Redundancy: Use of 2 parallel connection to one or two InfiniBand switches (single or multiple HCA).
  • 4Direct Connect: Connecting up to 4 nodes without InfiniBand switch (back-to-back).
  • 5Backplane Scaling: Use up to 4 HCAs in parallel for increased VM bandwidth (up to 160 Gbps per node). Backplane Scaling also provides Backplane Redundancy.
  • 6Partitioning: Split of a VM to multiple smaller VMs. Each VM should have atleast 2 nodes.
  • 7On-demand SMP: Reuse cluster/grid/cloud infrastructure for SMP.
  • 8vSMP Productivity Pack: Automatic tool for OS tunning and installation of essentials for HPC operation environments. Available for RHEL and CentOS only.
  • 9Flash-drive: Media loaded with vSMP Foundation software provided by ScaleMP. Available in USB, CompactFlash or SD card format. Note: USB drive supported only if connected directly to a controller and not via USB-hub.
  • 10Network: PXE protocol support. DHCP and TFTP servers required.