Test Drive SAP HANA with MemoryONE for EC2

Test drive MemoryONE for AWS EC2 and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card

vSMP MemoryONE for EC2 provides SAP HANA customers with on-demand pay-as-you-grow economics, with no change in deployment model.

Starting at 512GB @ $2.26/hour, up to 12TB for $13.56/hour. Pay by the hour, no long term commitment needed.

ScaleMP MemoryONE allows for on-demand large memory instances for your SAP HANA test and dev environments in a cost-effective way, to closely reflect production.

MemoryONE for EC2 is already available and you can Try It Now at AWS Marketplace

To qualify for the gift card, perform the following:

  1. Register on the following form with a description of your SAP HANA planned usage on EC2
  2. Launch an EC2 instance with MemoryONE (see the user guide)
  3. Run an SAP HANA database on the EC2 instance, consuming more than 50% of system memory
  4. Collect system information ( by running #./vsmp_installer.sh si -sq ) and email the tar file to ec2hana@scalemp.com

For any assistance contact us at support@scalemp.com 

*Limited to 1 gift card per company, **Verified business email required, ***Offer is limited to first 100 qualified customers